Bundle: Foldable Ball Pit & XL Luxe Playmat

Bundle: Foldable Ball Pit & XL Luxe Playmat

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Minimalist Triangles


Foldable ball Pit

Comes with 300 pcs balls in gray and white color. Disassembles easily for more compact, easy storage. Can be used indoors or outdoors, easily cleaning with water or your favorite spray cleaner.

  • Converts to a playmat
  • Durable zippers & velcro fasteners

Height: 41cm
Length pero panel: 59.2cm
Area: 0.86sqm

Packaging size:
length: 121cm
width: 23cm
height: 51cm


XL Luxe Playmat

MAT CARE INSTRUCTIONS: wash with warm water and mild soap, or alcohol-free wet wipes. Do NOT use any alcohol-based cleaners. We recommend using Bonjour Baby Toy and Mat Cleaner for optimal results.

Each set includes: 6 squares, 12 pcs edges

Assembled Size: 180 x 122 cm

Thickness: 1.2 cm


Packaging size:
length: 60.96cm
width: 7.5cm
height: 60.96cm